Michael L. Cook, President of NGB Financial, was recently featured in NewsWeek as a forecaster of “The Next Big Thing” in his industry.

San Antonio, TX – February 21, 2017 – Michael L. Cook, who seeks to help his clients secure their financial freedom, was recently recognized in “The Next Big Thing” feature in NewsWeek by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers®. Cook, along with other leading professionals from across the nation, appeared in a full-page spread that ran in the January 27, 2017 edition of NewsWeek. The National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® was founded to honor entrepreneurs and professionals around the world for their contribution to education, enlightenment and the advancement of business.

The NewsWeek feature highlights Cook’s forward thinking by asking him to share “The Next Big Thing” he sees up-and-coming in his industry that consumers need to pay attention to. Cook was quoted saying:

“Creating a Safe-Money Retirement Plan is what consumers need to focus on. Eliminate risk, taxes and have asset protection, while increasing your legacy to your family. Due to market losses on the Wall Street Rollercoaster, your 401k is no longer a Sure Thing. You need a Sure Thing, not a Maybe in retirement. Winning in retirement means you aren’t losing.”

NewsWeek is a premier news publication distributed to audiences across the United States. This distinguished outlet disseminates the latest information on, and analysis of, the world’s top stories in politics, technology, and business among many more topics. Cook’s appearance on this national platform allows him to spread his business knowledge and further solidify his reputation as a leader in the financial planning industry.

About Michael L. Cook:

Michael Cook has spent more than two decades in financial services as an entrepreneur in San Antonio. He started his own insurance agency 25 years ago, and has been independent for the last 15 years. “We chose to become independent, because that allows us to work for the client instead of the insurance company. It gives us a better approach in terms of what product fits best for each individual, instead of a one-size-fits all from just one company’s product line,” Mike says.

Mike’s firm, NGB Financial, has a history of working with large and small business owners and employers with group plans including health care, and they still design employee benefit programs. But they have migrated more toward retirement planning and college planning for individual families in the last decade or so, as they saw the need increasing. “We like to help take the confusion out of planning for retirement, and help make a college education possible for our clients’ kids,” he says.

Mike received his business degree in economics from Sam Houston State University (SHSU). He married his high school sweetheart, Karan, 31 years ago and they have two daughters—one just graduated from Texas Tech University, and the other is working on her PhD in psychology in Palo Alto, California. Mike loves golfing as well as exploring the great hiking trails around the San Antonio area with Karan.

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