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Our mission is to help change the way Americans save and invest so they can be financially secure.

We are a Virtual-based firm helping individuals nearing or in retirement to achieve the financial goals they want. Whether you need help creating a retirement plan that will last throughout your lifetime, reducing or eliminating your taxes owed, preparing for your children or grandchildren’s college expenses or preserving your wealth for future generations, NGB Financial has the solutions for your financial success.

We aim to help our clients become happier and wealthier by continually striving to provide the necessary tools and advice that will secure their financial freedom. We intend to exceed all expectations, giving our clients the exceptional service and experience that inspires them to tell their friends and family.

With our ever-changing World, we believe our Virtual Platform allows us to minimize your costs and maximize your time, while providing you with the White Glove experience you deserve.

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Are You Adequately Prepared for Retirement?

Most Americans are not adequately preparing for retirement. According to USA Today, over 99% of Americans are not even getting the right advice on their retirement plan; never mind that nearly one-third of Americans only have around $1000 tucked away.

There is more to your financial plan than just a 401(k) or IRA—there are other options which can grow and deliver tax-free payments backed by the strength of insurance company guarantees.

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