Michael L. Cook


Michael Cook has spent more than three decades in financial services as an entrepreneur in San Antonio. He started his agency 33 years ago and understands that with retirement planning comes the potential for anxiety, as people have concerns about their money lasting the rest of their lives. His goal is to help address those anxieties and to provide planning strategies and options that help them achieve a more comfortable retirement mindset. “We chose to become independent, because that allows us to work for the client instead of the insurance company. It allows us a better approach in terms of what fits best for each individual, instead of a one-size-fits all from just one company’s product line,” Mike says.

The main focus in financial planning for our clients is specialized and proper distribution of the assets to eliminate the risk of not having enough. “We like to help take the confusion out of planning for retirement,” he says.

Mike received his business degree in economics from Sam Houston State University (SHSU). He married his high school sweetheart, Karan and they have two daughters and three grandchildren. Mike loves golfing as well as exploring the great hiking trails around the San Antonio area with Karan.

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Paul Metzler

Communications Director

Paul has spent his entire career in the Financial Service and Income Planning arena. After 2008 he has focused primarily on educating his Clients on the inherent risks that occur when income ceases.

The Strategies involved are critical to understanding how Sequences of Returns can have a dramatic impact on Your Savings. The only truth is that Equities Markets go Up and Down. And we cannot predict when that occurs. This makes the process of planning for Guaranteed Foundational Income so important. Over 90% of Our Clients state that “making sure they have enough money as long as they live “ is really priority #1 .

Paul and his Spouse Cindy have been married “many” years. Their 3 adult children have moved throughout the country and this is a major reason Paul has joined NGB Financial – working in a virtual way.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this format is the best way to facilitate better – and more frequent – touchpoints with clients.